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Integra Mindspace Psychotherapy


At Integra Health we strive to help you take care of your mental health with ease and comfort, which is why all of our Psychotherapy services are available both virtually and in-person.

Our team of therapists at Integra Health are here to support you and provide you with space for growth, care and change. Our collaborative practice provides you with opportunities to explore and identify your emotions and patterns of thinking, and bring a new perspective to the challenges that you are experiencing. Whether you need to work through a particular issue or would like to participate in therapy as a form of self care maintenance, our therapists are here to help.

Integra Health is proud to be an innovative leader in the community of counseling, therapy and education for all those who are seeking support in making positive changes to their life.

Frequently Asked Questions
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OUR Practitioners
Meet Our Team of Professionals
Carla Diano

carla diano
Registered Psychotherapist

Carla Diano is a Registered Psychotherapist that has completed a master’s degree in counselling psychology at Yorkville University.  She works to provide clients a non-judgmental, safe environment to build a therapeutic relationship that encourages self-exploration and self-compassion necessary for positive change.

Cheyanne Dsouza

Cheyanne Dsouza
Registered Psychotherapist

Cheyanne is an individual and couple’s therapist who utilizes a person-centered approach to provide warm and empathetic counselling services. Cheyanne works collaboratively with her clients to develops goals and create a therapeutic plan that is uniquely catered to the individual’s lifestyle.

Ho Yeung Liu

Ho Yeung Liu
Registered Psychotherapist

HoYeung works with clients to help them better understand themselves and their unique experiences to foster insight, growth and healing. With cultural sensitivity in the forefront of his practice, he collaborates with his clients to cultivate awareness and mastery over their patterns of thought, emotion and behavior. He strives to build therapeutic relationships that are empathic, trusting and compassionate.


Pawel Biedrzychki
Registered Psychotherapist

Pawel is a warm-hearted, compassionate and friendly psychotherapist who allows for meaningful and trusting relationships to develop, which help conversations stream in a stress-free manner. He believes that the happiest, successful and healthiest people are the ones who can adapt, grow, remain flexible and resilient during times of adversity.

Rebecca Miller - MSW and RSW


Rebecca is a Registered Social Worker with more than 10 years experience providing mental health services to families and organizations.
She is a skilled practitioner in numerous counselling modalities including CBT, DBT,  EFFT, Positive Parenting and more.
Her areas of specialization include psychiatric disorders, family and couples therapy, and child/adolescent behaviours.

D. Wayne Ivey

D. Wayne Ivey

Wayne has been primarily focused in private practice sector for the past 10 years.  He has an extensive background in public health, hospitals, community engagement, crisis and trauma intervention.  He has strong educational and professional development in areas of couple therapy, addictions, conflict resolution, meditation, and pain management.

BRIAN Woodford
Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Brian draws on an integrative approach to counselling. He offers a non-judgmental and safe environment to all his clients. He establishes a collaborative partnership with his clients based on trust and acceptance, both of which he believes are essential to bring about positive change.


Agnès (“An-Yes”) offers a warm, creative, down-to-earth approaches that is client-focused. As a registered social worker, psychotherapist with over 20 years experiences in her field, she is passionate about supporting the healthy development of children, teens, youths and their family.


Raysha obtained her Masters of Social Work from the University of Toronto and is a Registered Social Worker with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW).

‍‍Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Sue's passion for psychology stems from a desire to help others find happiness through better understanding and developing agency over their own minds. Her unique methodology integrates CBT, EMDR, and Mindfulness with a collaborative, skills-based, and empowering approach.

Private Coverage

Private Coverage

Private Coverage

Private Coverage


Benefit Plan

A doctor’s referral is not required. However, some extended insurance plans may require one to provide reimbursements. You can book an appointment with one of our in-house physicians to obtain a note if you do not have a family doctor.

Our Allied services are often covered by most extended health benefits plans, but we advise you to check with your insurance provider to confirm coverage.
Please note that we don't do direct billing.

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