Couples Therapy

At Integra Health, our Couples Therapy program is dedicated to fortifying and rejuvenating relationships. Our expert therapists guide couples in optimizing communication, resolving conflicts, and deepening intimacy. Whether you are navigating specific challenges or seeking preventive care, you will find a collaborative and non-judgmental environment to explore and strengthen your connection, fostering a lasting and fulfilling relationship.

What can I expect from Couples Therapy and How does it work?

Couples Therapy at Integra Health consists of joint sessions where partners can openly and confidentially discuss their concerns under the guidance of a trained therapist. Through advanced communication techniques, conflict resolution strategies, and targeted interventions, couples learn to navigate challenges, deepen emotional bonds, and cultivate a healthier, more fulfilling relationship. Our methodology highlights mutual understanding and empathy, providing couples with practical tools for lasting positive transformation.

In-person & Virtual Therapy:
Carla Diano
Registered Psychotherapist
D. Wayne Ivey
Cheyanne Dsouza
Registered Psychotherapist
Ho Yeung Liu
Registered Psychotherapist
Virtual Only:
Carla Diano
Registered Psychotherapist
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