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Did you know that the pelvic floor is a massive system of muscles that needs careful care in order to function optimally? It’s often an overlooked component of healthcare and pain in both men and women, but if you suffer from pelvic floor problems, you are not alone.

At Integra Health, our Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy offers targeted pelvic floor exercises that can drastically improve your quality of life and aid in the management of common conditions including incontinence and prolapse.

Pelvic Floor Therapy is also an important part of postnatal care to help the body properly recover from the physical strain of birth. At Integra Health we understand that the pelvic floor is an intimate area and as such our team takes their time to understand and hear your concerns and offer treatment options that best suit you and your comfort level.
Common Conditions treated by Physiotherapists

Chronic urinary urgency

Painful intercourse

Tailbone pain

History of pelvic trauma

Frequently Asked Questions
What can I expect from Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy?
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What conditions Integra Physiotherapists can help with?
Is Pelvic Floor Therapy safe during pregnancy? 
Do I need a referral from my OBGYN for this?
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Meet Our Team of Professionals
Sarah Hill, Physiotherapist at Integra Health Centre. Downtown location

sarah hill
Physiotherapist | Pelvic Health Provider

Sarah completed her Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology at the University of Western Ontario. During this time, she worked as a personal trainer and gained a specific interest in physiotherapy.

Physiotherapist | Pelvic Health Provider

Amy firmly believes that each person’s path to wellness is unique and necessitates individualized attention and care. Employing a client-centered and holistic approach, she integrates manual therapy techniques, active rehabilitation, functional exercise and education to empower her clients in understanding their bodies better.

Private Coverage

Private Coverage

Private Coverage

Private Coverage


Benefit Plan

A doctor’s referral is not required. However, some extended insurance plans may require one to provide reimbursements. You can book an appointment with one of our in-house physicians to obtain a note if you do not have a family doctor.

Our Allied services are often covered by most extended health benefits plans, but we advise you to check with your insurance provider to confirm coverage.
Please note that we don't do direct billing.

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