The P-Shot

The "P-Shot," a cutting-edge medical procedure, is intended to tackle a range of male sexual wellness and performance issues. This minimally invasive therapy harnesses a patient's own blood components' natural healing and regenerative abilities to improve penile health and function.
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What is the P-Shot?

The P-shot offers effective treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and other related issues. ED is a medical condition characterized by the inability to achieve and sustain an erection, leading to diminished sexual satisfaction. Studies estimate that nearly 50% of Canadian men aged 40 and above experience ED. "Sexual performance" encompasses sexual intercourse, masturbation, partner activities, or other forms of stimulation.

Addressing ED is crucial for bolstering self-esteem, confidence, relationships, and overall quality of life. This minimally invasive procedure involves drawing a small blood sample, processing it to concentrate platelets, and skillfully injecting them into the penis.  This is why PRP (platelet-rich plasma therapy) for enhancing the penis has gained widespread popularity. PRP, derived from a patient's own natural tissues, boasts a well-established history of safety and effectiveness in various medical domains as a regenerative powerhouse.

The P-Shot method doesn't necessitate any foreign substances, implants, or devices. Nevertheless, it can swiftly enhance penile cells, blood circulation, and vitality.

What are Benefits of the P-shot?

Here are some of the potential benefits that you may achieve after receiving the P-shot:

  • Firmer erections
  • Improved sexual stamina (lasting erections)
  • Increased length and girth
  • Improvement of contours and penile curvature (Peyronie’s disease)
  • Decreased pain with erection
  • Increased sensitivity
  • Improved overall blood flow
  • Shorter “downtime” between erections
  • Lowered instances of premature ejaculation
  • Improved urinary incontinence
  • Improved skin texture and appearance
  • Improved intimacy for you and your sexual partner
  • Improved libido
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What to expect during the Procedure?

At our Toronto clinic, you'll be guided to a private treatment room where you'll meet with your physician. A small blood sample, approximately 1 to 2 ounces, will be drawn from your arm, similar to a routine blood test.

To ensure your comfort during the procedure, a topical numbing cream will be applied to the skin of your penis.

Next, your blood will undergo centrifugation, separating the platelets and plasma from the red blood cells and other components. The resulting platelet-rich mixture has a golden hue, often likened to liquid gold. This PRP will be injected back into your body using a very fine needle, resulting in very minimal discomfort.

The entire process typically takes less than an hour, allowing you to resume most of your daily activities immediately. You can even engage in sexual activity after just 4 hours.

What are the side effects and follow up like?

In the days following your treatment, you may notice some temporary swelling. However, substantial and enduring changes typically become visible around 3 weeks later. The outcomes you achieve will be influenced by factors such as your anatomy, age, overall health, and genetic predisposition.

Many men find satisfaction and long-lasting results with just one P-Shot session, but ideally we recommend anywhere from 3 to 5 sessions.  Depending on your individual response, additional sessions may be scheduled as needed.

You can anticipate enjoying the advantages of the P-Shot for at least one year. To maintain your newfound vitality over the long term, we'll recommend periodic follow-up appointments.

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