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Integra Health’s passion for revitalizing modern healthcare crosses all industry sectors and fuels our development of new collaborative healthcare models within existing corporate frameworks.

Although based in Toronto, our medical service group’s vast network of healthcare providers and corporate partners successfully delivers seamlessly integrated programs that boost and enhance wellness in corporate cultures across the country. Programming we offer includes COVID-19 solutions, employee health and wellness initiatives, mental health support, virtual care and much more.

We specialize in offering both on-site and mobile clinical delivery solutions to the patient community and corporate partners. Integra Health has been rapidly expanding since its conception in 2015 and our signature all-encompassing solution focused strategies makes us a prominent leader in the industry. Let’s work together today.

our partners
Health to Your Door

Empowering, inspiring and energizing your employees will not only improve your overall office culture, but it will boost their productivity and loyalty to your company as well. And what better way to accomplish all of the above than with Integra Health’s Health to Your Door mobile rehabilitation teams.

This offering includes a variety of health practitioners who will arrive on your company’s doorstep to care for and support your employee’s health.

Our mobile team includes, but is not limited to:
Massage Therapists
Health Improvement Workshops

Studies suggest that people are more likely to make significant changes in their health and wellness habits if explored in a group setting, which makes Integra Health’s Health Improvement Workshops a wonderful opportunity to uplift your employees.

We create customized events for each of our unique corporate partners that fit the specific needs of your clients or staff.

Examples of Health Improvement Workshops we’ve hosted in the past include:

Yoga and
Meditation Sessions
Flu Shot Clinics
First-Aid Training
Nutritional Workshops
Prevention and
Primary Care
Health, wellness and Fitness challenges
Mental Wellbeing Workshops
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Programming
Integra Safety Concierge

Ideal for corporate businesses of all sizes, our all-in-one virtual and on-site concierge services offer an efficient and effective system to screen and test any work, anywhere. Keep your office safe and healthy with our easy-to-use EMR platform.

This service extends to:

COVID-19 Rapid Testing
Bacterial and Viral Testing
Drug and Alcohol Testing
Medical Fitness Evaluations
Nursing & Clinical Care Staffing Solutions

Our Nursing & Clinical Staffing Solutions initiative provides Nurse Practitioners and Registered Nurses (RN’s, LPN’s, NP’s, EMT’s, RT’s, OT’s and beyond) who practice within their scope to provide high-quality professional nursing services for patients, including those with complex and unpredictable health needs.

These services include:

  • independent nursing services
  • administration of intervention and treatments
  • facilitating coordination of patient care
  • assessment and identification of patient needs
  • work in conjunction with care teams according to organizations’ protocol/policies

Contact us at info@integrahealthcentre.com to learn more

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