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Circle is a digital concierge service that provides 24/7 full health and wellness care for your employees through an easy-to-use, efficient and patient-focused effective system. Circle operates beyond basic sick care. We look at the full picture of an employee’s health and wellness story, and deliver a centralized, hybrid care model that empowers happier, healthier people by fulfilling their needs on an individual level.

Circle unlocks data driven insights to help corporations and organizations understand the specific support their teams need to improve health and wellness, increase productivity, strengthen employee retention, and build a thriving workplace community.

The Current Corporate Landscape

In a recent survey conducted by Conference Board of Canada and TELUS Health, 83% of Canadian employees reported a gap between the health benefits their employer provides and what they want in terms of extended health and wellness support. The survey, conducted during the global COVID-19 pandemic, suggests that this gap is significant enough to create employee disengagement and has the potential to cause significant organizational turnover at a time when hiring and retaining employees is increasingly challenging.

In short, there is a gap in the market between the low cost but low touch and underutilized EAP solutions, and the high touch but prohibitively expensive health and wellness offerings. This gap can be filled by Integra Health Circle to benefit both employer and employee goals.

Corporate Opportunity

You have an opportunity to create a people-first, wellness-focused workplace culture that allows you to attract and retain top talent by providing access to convenient, accessible and integrated health support tools for your employees and their families. In other words, employees today are looking for progressive workplace environments that value their health and well-being, and go above and beyond to offer support. Employees are more likely to stay longer at a workplace that helps their health.Providing access to health and wellness services on your staff’s terms will empower you to give your employees the benefit of time back in their day. This translates to them investing this time into more meaningful and efficient work, as well as a more meaningful lifestyle.

Employer Benefits
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  • Support your staff with 24/7 access to hybrid care that will save time by reducing absenteeism.
  • See data driven insights to monitor trends on wellness across the organization, which will help you understand the support needed to empower your team, and create a thriving workplace community.
  • Provide comprehensive employee benefits and improve the utilization of or potentially replace existing Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) by using Integra Health Circle for care navigation as well as medical guidance for employees and their families.
  • Create custom wellness programs with a wealth of guided digital journeys to foster engagement in health and well-being in the workplace.
  • Improve employee satisfaction and happiness, which will translate to improved employee retention and company loyalty
Employee Benefits
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  • 24/7 concierge services with a one stop shop access to primary care healthcare providers and specialists.
  • Coordination and coaching through the referral process for both virtual and in-person care.
  • Improved access to care and reduced wait times with same day appointments.
  • Personalized resources and healthcare journeys based on the full picture of an employee’s health and wellness story consolidated from in-app trackers, and personal health data from across their care journey stored in a shareable format.
  • Access to same day/next day express care and express shipping of prescription medication.
  • Access to an engaging and intuitive self-guided digital content library.

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