February 6, 2023

Massage Therapy During Pregnancy

Massage Therapy during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is filled with many unexpected changes to a mothers body and life. Massage therapy can be extremely beneficial during this time including:

  • Relief of stress from daily life.
  • Relief of tension while your body goes through constant changes.
  • Self massage and remedial exercise tips.
  • A judgement free zone

Week 1-(12/13) : Massage treatments while still safely lying prone and supine

This is our prime time to deal with all the restrictions that have come up prior to pregnancy. Allowing us to work areas that everyday work/activity/life have caused.

Week 14-32: This is the time period where we will switch to a side lying treatment. This is the same position most pregnant people sleep in for the remainder of their pregnancy.

A treatment every 4 weeks is recommended to decrease tension, educate on movement recommended throughout their pregnancy, and provide the stress relief necessary to make your pregnancy as smooth as possible. Your body experiences so many changes throughout this period of time, keeping on top of these aches and pains can always be beneficial for parents.

Week 33-40+: This is the time where we work on keeping moms happy and focus mostly on the pain management that comes with these constant changes to your body. A treatment every 2 weeks is recommended to counteract the later stages of pregnancy and help moms make their final stages of pregnancy as comfortable as possible.