Annual Block Fees for Uninsured Services

For Rostered Family Medicine Patients

Access to public healthcare in Canada is an esteemed right and privilege for its residents. However, it's important to note that while OHIP covers many services, there are some that it doesn't. To ensure we can continue providing these essential services, we adhere to the fee schedule set by the Ontario Medical Association for uninsured services.

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We offer two flexible options for addressing these fees. Firstly, there's the 'annual' or 'block' fee, which provides coverage for uninsured services throughout the year. Alternatively, there's the 'pay as you go' option for individual services as needed.

The annual block fees stand at $299 per individual or $499 per couple/family, covering services from enrollment and valid for one year. 

For your convenience, we accept payment via credit card, debit, or e-transfer. Those who choose not to subscribe to the annual block fee program can utilize the pay-per-service option at the time of service. To enroll in the annual/block fee, please call us at 416-777-9355 or email us at

Please note that the services listed below are covered by the annual fee. The charges mentioned apply only to patients who have opted for the pay-as-you-go service option.

Sick Leave Form/ Pre-Operative Forms/ Driver’s Form/ Employment Physical Exam
$180 +HST
Sick Leave Note/ Back to Work or School Note/Day Care Note (Free of Communicable Disease)
$40 +HST
One Step TB Testing
Two Step TB Testing
$60 +HST
$110 +HST
Certificate of Medical Status
$100 +HST
Certificate of Medical Status
$100 +HST
Missed Appointments (General)
Missed Appointment (Extended / Physical)
The annual/block fee covers TWO missed appointment fees.
Application to be Foster Parent
Discounted by $100 if enrolled in annual/block fee*
$400 +HST
$300 +HST*
Doctor’s notes/referrals
Excluded referrals for internal services.
Physiotherapy, RMT, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Compression Stockings etc.)
$40 +HST
Faxed Prescription Refill
(without an appointment)
$25 +HST
Pre-employment Certification of Fitness / Fitness Club Form Enrollment/ Membership Suspension
$40 +HST
Disability or Tax Credit Forms
Discounted by $100 if enrolled in annual/block fee*
$300 +HST
$200 +HST*
APS (Attending Physician Statements) Requests
Discounted by $100 if enrolled in annual/block fee*
$275 +HST
$175 +HST*
Request for Printed Results
$10 for 4 pages and $1 for each additional page
Suitability for Schools/ Camps Local or Abroad
$40 +HST
Admission to Day-Care, Preschool, University or Any Other Educational Institution
$40 +HST
Earwax Removal 1 Ear
Earwax Removal Both Ears
$35 +HST
$50 +HST
Pregnancy Urine Test
$15 +HST
Strep Test
The annual block fee covers three (3) Strep tests per year
$15 +HST
Other Rapid Tests (Vitamin D, Influenza, RSV etc.)
The annual block fee covers three (3) Rapid tests per year
Starting at $15 +HST
Immunization Records Replacement/ Summary
$25 +HST
Patient File Transfer
(Price for first 20 pages and $0.25 additional page)
$50 +HST
Hospital/ Nursing Home Employees
$40 +HST
Preventative Wellness Services:
  • One Complimentary Dietitian Consult (30 minute)
  • Two $25 vouchers to use on your first allied health services each year
  • 10% OFF Medical Aesthetician services at Integra Skinlab
$15 +HST