Sonam Patel

Registered Acupuncturist

Meet Sonam, a skilled practitioner with 5 years of experience in treating women’s health, fertility & pregnancy care, skin and digestive issues, stress, insomnia, and pain management. With a background in Human Kinetics, she adopts an innovative East-meets-West approach, seamlessly integrating her scientific knowledge with traditional healing methods.

Using acupuncture, cupping, and herbal medicine, she creates personalized treatment plans for individuals, addressing their unique needs. Beyond her clinical skills, Sonam fosters a compassionate and caring environment, prioritizing patient education. Her commitment to empowering her patients ensures that they work collaboratively towards their health and wellness goals.

Outside of work, Sonam enjoys mastering new meal ideas, learning balloon artistry techniques, and indulging in a spa day with friends.

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  • Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics, with a minor is Nutraceutical and Nutritional Sciences
    • University of Guelph, Guelph ON
  • Diploma in Acupuncture & Moxibustion
    • Eight Branches Academy of Eastern Medicine, Toronto ON
  • Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine
    • Eight Branches Academy of Eastern Medicine,Toronto ON
  • Women’s Health and Fertility
  • Pregnancy, Labour Preparation & Induction
  • Skin and Digestive issues
  • Pain Management
  • Stress and Insomnia
  • College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario (CTCMPAO)
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Ontario (TCMO)
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