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Our approach to skin health

Integra SkinLab offers an unrivaled skin healthcare experience that assesses the root of skin concerns by combining naturopathic intervention and aesthetic medicine. Our bespoke skin clinic examines your medical, lifestyle and cosmetic product history, and offers cutting-edge treatments to impact your skin from within for radiant, soothing and lasting results.

We help you discover the best version of yourself by empowering you with information and integrative care plans that include comprehensive support from our dynamic team every step of the way.

How we can help

We offer a wide range of services and treatments which you can explore here. However, the best place to start is by booking a consultation appointment with one of our specialists so we can understand your story, your skin and set you up on the most effective path toward true skin wellness.

Oh, and our formal introduction

Integra SkinLab is a proud part of Integra Health Centre, a BIPOC, female-owned organization founded in 2015 with a mission and vision to change the way healthcare is delivered. Integra Health is an innovation focused leader in the community and corporate healthcare delivery space. We provide comprehensive health solutions to patients through our collaborative model of care combining one's medical, rehabilitation and wellness needs. Our passion to cross all industry sectors and develop healthcare models within corporate frameworks has helped us scale our vast network of healthcare providers and corporate partners to deliver seamlessly integrated programs.

Integra Health's clinical arm provides comprehensive health solutions to patients offering services both in person and virtually. Rapidly expanding and in high demand nationally, Integra takes the same collaborative approach to deliver health and wellness solutions to its corporate and public sector clients by way of providing clinical programs, COVID-19 solutions, employee health and wellness, mental health, virtual care and much more.

Meet the Team

Dr. Candice Todd

Dr. Todd’s practice is rooted in health optimization and disease prevention. She utilizes evidence-based naturopathic medical care, which prioritizes treating the root causes of health concerns, to help her patients perform at their best.

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Dr. Fahad Alam

As an Anesthesiologist, Dr. Alam is very experienced with injections under ultrasound guidance. He firmly believes that ultrasound guided cosmetic injections are safer and provide a better aesthetic result.

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Dr. Sapna Sriram

Dr. Sapna is an accomplished healthcare entrepreneur who brings 15 years of award-winning experience in the medical, health and wellness industry to her role as Founder & CEO of Integra Health.

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Dr. Stacy Burton

Dr. Burton is passionate about preventative health and skincare. Born and raised in the Caribbean, Dr. Burton completed her medical training at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica.

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Faisal Rohile

Faisal Rohile is a highly skilled registered nurse with a passion for aesthetic medicine and a strong background in patient care. With over three years of experience in aesthetic medicine faisal has developed a keen eye for detail. Faisal has specialized in botox, fillers and PRP treatments to help his clients get optimal results.

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Nagina Hanjrah

Nagina provides relaxing and rejuvenating experiences to help her clients feel more confident in their own skin. Her focus is delivering exceptional skincare services that also decodes stress that may show up on skin.

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